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The Camp’s detox services allow adolescents & adults struggling with addiction to safely remove substances from their bodies. Located near Scotts Valley & San Jose, CA, The Camp provides premier substance abuse rehabilitation.

Why Detox at The Camp?

The Importance of Alcohol & Drug Detox

Battling an addiction entails grappling a number of hurdles. Regardless of the substance that is being abused, a person is likely to experience discord among loves ones, difficulty at work, inner emotional pain, financial strain, and increased interaction with law enforcement. Furthermore, an individual is vulnerable to experiencing a host of health concerns that could compromise his or her overall wellbeing and diminish his or her quality of life. Certain substances, namely alcohol, heroin, and other illicit substances, can cause a person to develop a tolerance for them, which could, in turn, signify the development of chemical dependency.

Being chemically dependent on a substance means that an individual’s body has become accustomed to and reliant upon a substance or substances in order to function. In the absence of a person’s substance of choice once physical dependence has occurred, that individual will endure an uncomfortable and distressing process known as withdrawal. This process, which can be life-threatening for some, is what can prevent a person from refraining from the use of substances and drive him or her back into the vicious, seemingly never-ending cycle of substance abuse.

However, if an individual elects to attend a rehab center to end his or her addiction, the risk of relapse decreases exponentially. Part of what makes treatment so successful is that a person can receive the interventions he or she needs to leave the abuse of substances in the past. Among such interventions, entering a detox program helps people addicted to substances by ridding their bodies of their substances of abuse so as to allow them to focus on other aspects of the recovery process.

By participating in a comprehensive program that features medically supervised detox in addition to other aspects of addiction rehab, or treatment, a person can come to know a sober and healthier life that does not include the many risks and consequences associated with addiction.

Long-Term Benefits

Benefits of The Camp’s Alcohol & Drug Detox Program

Detox is a method of care that is most effective when it occurs prior to participating in other therapeutic interventions. This treatment method provides individuals with the clarity of mind needed to understand their addictions further and develop the skills needed to sustain lasting sobriety. Furthermore, those who enter our detox program are likely to benefit from this process in the following ways:

  • There is no access to substances of abuse while in detox programming, and, therefore, people will not be able to continue their use of their substances of choice.
  • If the process of withdrawal proves to be uncomfortable, certain medications or other interventions may be used in order to alleviate any discomfort experienced.
  • Cravings for continued use of a substance can be diminished via the use of certain pharmaceutical interventions.
  • The hazardous effects of ongoing substance abuse will decrease, as the use of substances is prohibited in our rehab center and detox treatment programs.

Additionally, those in our center’s detox program are supervised by a dedicated team of medical professionals who are trained to care for those who are in this phase of the recovery process. Physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and other medical staff members are available on an ongoing basis to monitor the physical health of individuals participating in detox, and are able to intervene should a complication or emergency occur. By having access to such professionals, a person is able to go through the detox process safely.

Conversely, individuals who do not go through withdrawal within the safe confines of a detox program are more likely to experience relapse. Withdrawal symptoms, cravings for more of one’s substance of choice, and unresolved psychological pain can hinder a person’s otherwise good intentions of becoming sober. When these three factors are at work, an individual is more likely to resume his or her abuse of substances, which can place him or her at high risk for experiencing a potentially lethal overdose. An overdose happens when an individual consumes a substance or substances to such an extent that his or her body is unable to process it in a safe manner. This type of physiological upset can, unfortunately, result in fatality or other complications that can further damage an individual’s life.

An important bit of information to know, however, is that the above risks are not guaranteed. By seeking treatment that includes a detox program, a person can defeat an addiction to substances once and for all. Hope and help is available.

If you or someone you care about is trapped in the vicious cycle of substance abuse, yet is ready to begin life anew, contact The Camp Recovery Center today. Our effective and high quality treatment has helped numerous people of all ages overcome chemical dependency concerns, and we are confident that we can help you too.

To learn more about our programming or to begin the process of admissions, feel free to give us a call today. Our rehab center is conveniently located near the Santa Cruz & San Jose, CA areas. At the Camp Recovery Center, a brighter, substance-free future is on the horizon.

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The Camp Recovery Center offers a variety of outdoor-focused experiential therapies.

Refreshing Location

Nestled on 25 acres in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains, The Camp’s grounds provide a serene location for clients to recalibrate and refresh as they focus on recovery.

Dedication to Success

For nearly 30 years, The Camp has provided cutting-edge rehabilitation. Our clinical team creates individualized treatment plans to give our clients the tools they need for a successful recovery.

I came to you with blind faith–knowing that if I didn't get help I would end up in prison or dead. I'm alive and well today thanks to the care that the Camp showed me and I am so grateful.

– Henry G.
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