Addiction Rehab Therapies We Offer

At The Camp, we utilize a variety of treatment methods for adults and adolescents seeking addiction treatment. This approach aims to provide each client with the proper addiction treatment therapies that best suit their needs.

Clinically-proven Addiction Rehab Therapies

We provide addiction treatment for men, women, and adolescents. Since treating our first patient over 20 years ago, we have utilized evidence-based methods of care that are proven to free people of all ages from the dangerous chains of addiction. In addition to these methods of care, which include the use of individual, group, and family therapy sessions, we employ additional treatment protocols in order to help those we treat experience the most favorable outcomes after coming to our center. The below facets of treatment are what makes our care stand out from the rest, and can help you or someone you love win the war against addiction.

Holistic Treatment

At The Camp, we challenge those we treat to consider thinking about their bodies in a different way. Rather than turning to the use of harmful substances to cope with life’s stressors, we instill the belief that there are natural and healthier ways to cope with turmoil. Our holistic treatment can help men, women, and adolescents understand the mind-body connection, which can help them to achieve the sober lives they deserve.

Yoga and Acupuncture

As a leading provider of addiction treatment, we are proud to offer alternative therapies to our patients. Yoga, which can help those we treat experience healing on a profoundly deeper level, helps patients become more aware of their bodies and understand the impact that their minds can have on how they are feeling. Additionally, acupuncture, which can induce feelings of relaxation and alleviate stress, is a treatment option that can help patients both during detox and while participating in our other services.

Surfing & Watersports Modality

As an experiential treatment component within our adolescent program, The Camp Recovery Center’s surfing and watersports modality features surfing, boogieboarding, stand-up paddleboarding, and other water-related activities.

Real-life, holistic experiences such as experiential therapies provide excellent therapeutic tools to help shape the path to lasting recovery from substance use disorders. By participating in the surfing and watersports modality, patients can face challenges and achieve accomplishments free from the grip of alcohol or other drugs.

Led by local surfing legend Darryl “Flea” Virostko and supported by the Richard Schmidt Surf School, the surfing and watersports modality allows patients to set a positive framework for what recovery and a sober lifestyle can bring.

Music & Expressive Arts Experiential Services

The Camp Recovery Center’s experiential services include writing songs, playing instruments, and listening to music, along with the powerful healing it can bring 

The Camp Recovery Center accomplishes this by including “Rock to Recovery” groups and processes, which incorporate music and expressive arts as an added experiential modality. This is a powerful part of the overall treatment program components at The Camp Recovery Center. 

This music experiential modality provides those who are seeking recovery with an outlet to express and experience many feelings and emotions that help support the treatment and recovery process. For some, this musical experience is the avenue helping them begin, for the first time, to express feelings when the words to verbalize those feelings could not be found.  

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To learn more about these beneficial therapies, contact The Camp today. Let us help you determine if our center is the perfect place to achieve a truly healed and sober life.