Adult Drug & Alcohol Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) in Scotts Valley, CA

At The Camp Recovery Center, we offer a full continuum of care so we can meet our clients where they are in their recovery journeys. The partial hospitalization program (PHP) at our center in Scotts Valley, California, helps adults age 18 and older find lasting healing from addiction and co-occurring mental health concerns. 

About the PHP at The Camp Recovery Center

Details about the PHP at The Camp Recovery Center in Scotts Valley, CA 

When you or someone you love seeks care at The Camp Recovery Center, we ensure that you receive services that are the best fit for you. We offer multiple levels of support at our center in Scotts Valley, California, so we can meet you where you are in your recovery journey. Some of our clients receive care at several levels, while others may only spend time in one program. 

Our partial hospitalization program falls between our residential programs and intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) within our continuum of care for addiction and co-occurring mental health challengesOur PHP is an ideal option for individuals who might benefit from an intensive, highly structured care experience but do not need round-the-clock monitoring. 

Individuals who participate in our PHP engage in therapies and interventions several hours a day, six days a week. This is a more acute level of care than our IOP, though both programs offer you or your loved one the option to return home after the treatment day ends. For those who are in need of housing assistance during their time in our PHP, we help our clients find supportive housing through our trusted community partners. 

You do not need to complete another level of care before starting the PHP at The Camp Recovery Center. Many of our clients enter directly into the PHP level of care if this meets their current recovery goals. However, some step down into our PHP from our residential program, providing them with a safe, structured environment where they can continue the progress they began while in residential care. Others transition into our PHP from the IOP at our center in Scotts Valley, California. 

When your time in the PHP nears an end, our caring and compassionate team will work closely with you to determine the best next steps. This might involve transitioning into our IOP or traditional outpatient care, or stepping up into residential care. We individualize the care we provide to each client, basing those next steps on what is most beneficial to their distinct needs. 

Features of the PHP at The Camp Recovery Center

What to expect from the PHP at The Camp Recovery Center in Scotts Valley, CA 

The partial hospitalization program at The Camp Recovery Center offers an intensive therapeutic experience that supports our adult clients in finding lasting recovery from addiction and co-occurring mental health challenges. Participants benefit from a care environment that is highly structured but allows them the flexibility to maintain their lives outside our center in Scotts Valley, California. 

We personalize all the services we provide at The Camp Recovery Center to the specific needs of each client. Before entering our PHP, all clients complete a comprehensive assessment. This helps our expert team identify and address the obstacles that have prevented you or your loved one from living a healthier, more fulfilling life. We use the information from this assessment to develop a care plan that is personalized to you or your loved one’s specific medical history, needs, strengths, challenges, and goals for recovery. 

Based on a variety of individual factors, this personalized care plan might include elements such as: 

  • Detoxification services 
  • Medication management services 
  • Basic medical care 
  • Group therapy 
  • Family therapy 
  • Experiential therapy 
  • Individual therapy 

Group therapy is a foundational component of the care we provide through the PHP at our center in Scotts Valley, California. Our PHP clients also participate in experiential therapies such as hiking, yoga, and meditation. We also offer weekly individual therapy sessions to our PHP clients, and family therapy sessions are available on a case-by-case basis. 

Our professional team incorporates evidence-based treatment modalities into the care we provide in our PHP. You or your loved one may experience a combination of Conscious Recovery, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), motivational interviewing, the 12-Step recovery model, and mindfulness practices. The typical length of stay in the PHP at The Camp Recovery Center is 15 to 30 days depending on each client’s individual level of need. 

PHP Admissions Criteria

Admissions information for the PHP at The Camp Recovery Center in Scotts Valley, CA 

At The Camp Recovery Center, we make all admissions decisions for our partial hospitalization program on an individual basis following a thorough review of each client’s medical history, symptoms, and recovery goals. In general, we designed the PHP at our center in Scotts Valley, California, for clients who meet the following criteria: 

  • Adults age 18 and older 
  • Any gender 
  • Have a primary diagnosis of a substance use disorder (this is the clinical term for addiction) 
  • Can have a mental health concern that coexists with an addiction 
  • Do not need round-the-clock care 
  • Have needs that exceed the services provided at the intensive outpatient program or traditional outpatient level 

If you think you or someone you care about might benefit from the PHP at The Camp Recovery Center, please contact us today. A knowledgeable member of our staff can answer any questions so you can make the best decision for you or someone you love. 

Experiential Therapies

The Camp Recovery Center offers a variety of outdoor-focused experiential therapies.

Refreshing Location

Nestled on 25 acres in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains, The Camp’s grounds provide a serene location for clients to recalibrate and refresh as they focus on recovery.

Dedication to Success

For nearly 30 years, The Camp has provided cutting-edge rehabilitation. Our clinical team creates individualized treatment plans to give our clients the tools they need for a successful recovery.

It was only through the treatment programs at The Camp that I was able to find lasting recovery. I can't recommend them enough!

– Susan G.
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