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The Camp Recovery Center, located near Santa Cruz and San Jose, California, provides treatment and rehab for adults and adolescents who are struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders. Our clinically proven therapy methods and holistic healing target the source of addiction to begin setting the stage for long-term sobriety.

Understanding Our Adolescent Family Program

Overview of the Adolescent Family Program at The Camp Recovery Center near Santa Cruz, CA

At The Camp Recovery Center, with locations near Santa Cruz and San Jose, California, we believe that when an adult or adolescent is struggling with addiction, it affects their entire family and support network. As our patients set out on the road to recovery, family involvement is a critical component in the healing process.

With that in mind, The Camp offers a monthly Adolescent Family Program near Santa Cruz, California, that supports change and recovery for both our adolescent patients and their families. This therapeutic process guides family members toward new ways of thinking about their role within the family, opens up understanding and communication, and promotes healthy ways of relating and interacting.

The goal of the Adolescent Family Program is to interrupt cycles of turmoil and dysfunction as well as increase the likelihood of a better outcome for the adult or adolescent in treatment. Our intention is for family members to leave each weekend session with an open mind focused on how they can shift from compromised coping to a more comprehensive approach toward their loved one’s recovery.

Parents are the primary audience for the Adolescent Family Program, but stepparents, grandparents, and certain individuals age 13 and older are also welcome to attend. Those who are looking to understand the position for the patient, identify family dynamics, and affect positive change within their family will likely benefit from participating, but those who are suffering from addiction themselves may find the program overwhelming.

Family Program Activities

Details of the Family Program at The Camp Recovery Center near Santa Cruz, CA

The Family Program takes place once monthly on both Saturday and Sunday at our facility near Santa Cruz, California. The two days of the program are equally important, so it is mandatory to participate in both days.

Family members often arrive at the Family Program with widespread emotions ranging from resentment, grief, fear, frustration, and numbness to a strong desire to work toward resolutions and relief. We encourage all participants to lean on their emotional and practical experience while supporting their loved one as they work through addiction concerns and co-occurring disorders.

The program combines teaching and training methods with experiential work and small group sessions. We try to develop a rapport and camaraderie with all patients and their family members, which often allows Family Program participants to tackle what can be an overwhelming, serious time through a humorous lens. Family members will:

  • Recognize that they are not alone and build support
  • Explore the current family dynamics to identify areas of unhealthy functioning
  • Learn to alter patterns of distorted dependency
  • Shift the family dynamic toward hope for all members
  • Set limits and support the necessary recovery efforts of all family members
  • Learn to create healthy interdependence while fighting against unhealthy reliance on others
  • Discover how to maximize their influence with their loved one
  • Embrace a core philosophy of “relationship first” and “connected to influence”

We encourage attendees to arrive at The Camp’s Family Program, located near Santa Cruz, California, with the three key attitudes of a recovering family: honesty, openness, and willingness. This is not a venue to point fingers. It is a process of delving into legitimate caregiver power along with how to set up the relationship to maximize influence and support recovery.

Family Program Dates

Dates of the Adolescent Family Program at The Camp Recovery Center near Santa Cruz, CA

The Camp Recovery Center will host the Adolescent Family Program at our facility near Santa Cruz on the following days in 2019:

• August 24-25
• September 21-22
• October 19-20
• November 16-17
• December 14-15

The schedule is as follows:

• Saturday, 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
• Sunday, 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

The Camp requests that attendees arrive 15 minutes early (9:15 a.m.) so that programs can begin on time. Additionally, it is very important that you RSVP to your child’s counselor with the date you are planning to attend at least 72 hours in advance.

If you have any questions about attending the Adolescent Family Program at The Camp Recovery Center, located near Santa Cruz and San Jose, California, please contact us at (844) 624-3200.

It was only through the treatment programs at The Camp that I was able to find lasting recovery. I can't recommend them enough!

– Susan G.
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