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The Camp’s detox services allow adolescents & adults struggling with benzo addiction to safely remove substances from their bodies. Located near Scotts Valley & San Jose, CA, The Camp provides premier substance abuse rehabilitation.

Why Detox?

Why Detox from Benzos at The Camp Recovery Center

While benzodiazepines such as Ativan, Xanax, and Valium can be highly beneficial in helping those who grapple with sleep, anxiety, and/or seizure disorders, they remain strong substances that are most commonly abused by those who do not require them. These substances, which are commonly referred to as benzos, can cause a person to experience intense feelings of relaxation and a sense of detachment from his or her surroundings.

The longer that the abuse of benzos lasts, the more tolerant an individual’s body will become to the benzos, and before long, a chemical dependency problem can develop.

Women and men who find that they are not able to stop the abuse of benzos on their own are those who would benefit most from obtaining effective treatment from a benzo addiction program. In fact, when an individual obtains rehab that is multifaceted and includes detoxification (or detox) services, an addiction to benzos can be ceased. Therefore, if you or someone important in your life wants to end a benzo addiction, it is most effective to seek out rehab that includes detox.

What Happens

What Happens During Benzo Withdrawal

When an individual regularly abuses one or more benzos, increasing the frequency and amount of that use as time passes, a number of symptoms are likely to develop that can include dizziness, stomach pain, and cravings for more use. Sadly, when this type of upset is occurring, an individual’s efforts to get sober can be compromised and trigger a dangerous cycle of more severe substance abuse.

For those who endure withdrawal while not in the confines of a rehab center, withdrawal symptoms can add to an individual’s return to the use of these substances once more. Continuing one’s use of benzos after not using them is known as relapse, which is something that all those in recovery should be prepared for. If an individual experiences a relapse, or multiple relapses, there is a greater risk that the individual will remain stuck within the grips of benzo addiction.

However, when an individual is prepared to become sober and put the abuse of benzos and other substances behind him or her, there is help out there. By engaging in a rehab program that includes benzos detox, an individual, no matter how severe his or her addiction might be, can gain an exceptional amount of knowledge and achieve his or her recovery goals.

Detox at The Camp

Benzo Detoxification at The Camp Recovery Center

Embarking on the path to recovery is a very brave endeavor to take on, which is why we at The Camp do everything we can to help all individuals who approaches us for care to obtain the sober lives they deserve. In addition to assessing the needs of the women and men we treat, we determine if benzo detox is required at the beginning of rehab. When indicated, we make sure that they will obtain the interventions that will allow them to experience recovery and healing in a manner that is meaningful. This can include offering them the medication that will encourage their comfort, supplying them with continued support, and supervising the status of their wellbeing while in this phase of treatment.

In addition, it is imperative to note that each individual’s course of rehab will be focused on his or her individualized treatment needs so that he or she can stand to gain the most from benzo detox and the other services supplied. In doing so, an individual is more likely to achieve a more beneficial treatment outcome that will support a life of recovery.

Long-Term Benefits

Long-Term Benefits of Benzo Detox

Remaining chemically dependent on a benzo can cause an individual to suffer a significant amount of strife. It can mean giving up meaningful and important experiences in life because of that abuse, and causing a series of health concerns that can be life-changing. However, by engaging in rehab that includes benzo detox, an individual will be able to reclaim his or her life from this deadly type of substance abuse.

Benzo detox services provide women and men with a number of benefits, including short and long-term benefits. In the short-term, an individual starts to feel physically and psychologically better after experiencing detox. In the long-term, an individual is free from experiencing more consequences as a result of benzo abuse. Additionally, an individual can obtain the peace of mind that is required to fully focus on the other areas of recovery. From learning why and how an addiction formed, to being able to establish the skills required to entirely stop using benzos, an individual can put all of his or her attention on becoming sober once and for all.

The Camp is proud to supply treatment to women and men that will allow them to break through the chains of benzo addiction, and we are also pleased that our rehab center can supply detox to help serve as a catalyst for the recovery process for those who obtain treatment from us. If you have been looking for a high-quality detox center in the Santa Cruz / San Jose, CA areas, do not look any further. Contact us today. Our team is ready to help you obtain the information you need in order to make an educated and life-altering decision for yourself. Call The Camp today to detox from benzos and start on the road to a sober life.

My son was addicted to benzos and other prescription drugs. I had heard good things about the Camp and decided to admit him there. Best decision I ever made. I saw a complete turn around from him after completing the program and I am so proud of the good choices he is making today.

– Brittany W.
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