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The Camp’s detox services allow adolescents & adults struggling with heroin addiction to safely remove the substance from their bodies. Located near Scotts Valley & San Jose, CA, The Camp provides premier substance abuse rehabilitation.

Why Detox at The Camp?

Why Detox from Heroin at The Camp Recovery Center

One of the most disconcerting forms of chemical dependency affecting people today is heroin addiction. This substance, which is classified as an opioid and widely known to be powerfully addictive, can be snorted, injected, or smoked by users. When ingested, heroin induces an intoxicating high that brings about intense feelings of pleasure and euphoria. And while an addiction to heroin can seem exceedingly difficult to overcome, it is possible to break free from this dangerous form of substance abuse and begin living a recovered life.

Upon making the decision to seek treatment, it is a good idea for a person to consider the various options for care that are available to treat addiction. However, because of the complex nature of heroin addiction, it is crucial for an individual to consider the treatment options that have proven to be effective for others who have struggled with heroin addiction. Residential treatment, for example, is an option for care that has assisted countless individuals in their recovery pursuits. This type of treatment affords individuals battling heroin addiction with the interventions and support they need to abstain from the ongoing use of this dangerous substance.

In addition to individual and group therapy, residential treatment supplies invaluable detoxification services. Also known as detox, this method of care eradicates the harmful substances that contributed to the development of one’s heroin addiction in the first place.

Long-Term Benefits

Long-Term Benefits of Heroin Detox

Abruptly ending one’s use of heroin when not under the supervision of medical professionals in a treatment setting can result in the continuation of this potentially lethal cycle of substance abuse. Once heroin is no longer being consumed, withdrawal symptoms and powerful cravings for this drug emerge and can revert a person back to using heroin. However, by participating in treatment that includes detox, a person will experience the following:

  • Alleviation of withdrawal symptoms
  • Diminished cravings for more heroin
  • Decrease in the adverse physical effects brought on by heroin

Furthermore, detox is supervised by trained and experienced medical professionals who are able to do the following for those who receive this type of treatment:

  • Monitor and preserve the health of the individual
  • Facilitate interventions aimed at alleviating the discomfort that is often associated with the process of withdrawal

Doctors, nurse practitioners, and nurses are among those who can supervise the detox process, and are also the individuals who can make this stage of recovery less risky.

Sadly, those who do not participate in treatment that offers detox at the start of their care begin using heroin again. When this occurs, a person is more likely to develop a more severe addiction to this substance, remain at risk for an overdose, and find it exceedingly more difficult to truly recover. These effects are likely due to the withdrawal symptoms and cravings that emerge, as they make users of heroin want to alleviate their distress as quickly as possible.

A pivotal thing to keep in mind, however, is that it is possible to break free from the grips of heroin addiction. By engaging in a program that features detox, a person has a high probability of achieving and sustaining recovery for the long-term.

If you or an important person in your life would benefit from both detox and world class residential treatment, look no further than The Camp Recovery Center. Our programming includes only the most proven effective methods for treating addiction and chemical dependency, and our staff guides residents along the road to recovery with an unparalleled dedication to seeing them thrive.

To learn more about our center, our philosophy for helping people defeat addictions to drugs like heroin, or to begin the process of admissions, feel free to contact us today. At The Camp Recovery Center, a sober tomorrow can begin today.

My heroin addiction was out of control. Each day was an uphill battle against unrelenting jonesing. The Camp helped me detox and gave me a chance at a new beginning. Now I live an amazing life and I know that I couldn't have done it without the amazing treatment from The Camp.

– Philip J.
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