Addiction Program for Adolescents & Teens serving Santa Cruz & San Jose, CA

campers-in-woods-istockAt The Camp’s Meadow Lodge, we work directly with adolescents and teens to help them understand the many dangers of their substance abuse in ways the encourage them to obtain and maintain sobriety. Each day of this program is spent teaching adolescents the benefits of a life free from addiction with a strong focus on building their overall motivation to get sober. Our experience of over 25 years of working with teens and their families makes our adolescent program one of the most successful in the country.

Adolescent Addiction Treatment Options

The Meadow Lodge provides adolescents with not only an individualized care plan, but also a mixture of dynamic treatment services that encourage them to develop new life skills and rebuild their relationships with others. Some of the many services our adolescent & teen program offers include:

• Individual and Group Therapy
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
• Options for a Recovery Support Network and Recovery Philosophy
• A fully accredited Academic Program
• Experiential Therapy on the ROPES Course
• Gender-Specific and Mixed-Gender Groups
• Substance Abuse Education
• Sober Recreational Activities
• Holistic Lifestyle Approach, including Yoga, Acupuncture, Meditation

In addition to these methods of treatment, we also make it a point for our adolescent & teen program to involve the family in every adolescent’s care so that they can build a strong support system that will aid in their overall recovery.

Our Holistic Approach

Our holistic approach focuses on restoring and improving upon the mind, body and spirit of all adolescents & teens that attend this program. The first part of this specific approach includes guiding adolescents & teens away from continual substance abuse through detox, proper diet and exercise, and participation in experiential and recreational activities. We offer Yoga, Acupuncture, and Meditation tools. As their bodies begin to sober up, they are able to establish a clearer state of mind, which allows them to better connect to the Recovery Support Network options and additional therapeutic mediums. As their participation in these modalities becomes more frequent, adolescents are encouraged to establish a spiritual connection with their recovery, either through their own personal faith or the natural environment they are entrenched in. By offering this holistic approach, our adolescent clientele can begin healing their bodies, minds and spirits as they look to obtain long-term sobriety by creating a healthier and happier lifestyle. They have improved ability to handle stress.

Types of Treatment


We understand that, when teens come to participate in our adolescent addiction program, some need more intensive care than others. While some adolescents might require a 24-hour structure, others are better suited for an outpatient program. To ensure that we meet all of our clients needs, the Meadow Lodge offers adolescent drug treatment at various levels of care.


Our primary goal is to provide detoxification services to adolescents & teens who need it most. We strive to help them clear their bodies of drugs and alcohol before moving forward with their treatment process. Detoxification treatment consists of:

• Medical supervision
• Introduction to basic recovery goals
• Education about substance abuse

Residential Treatment

We view the our adolescent & teen program as a place where an individual can start fresh. We make it a point to incorporate numerous different features into this program to help our clients reach their recovery goals successfully. Some of these many features include:

• Fully accredited academics
• Group, individual, and family counseling
• Recreational and experiential therapies
• Introduction and implementation of a Recovery Support Network

While residential treatment works for many different troubled adolescents, it is not a perfect fit for everyone. The Meadow Lodge’s residential treatment program is appropriate for adolescents who:

• Cannot abstain from using drugs or alcohol without supervision
• Have continued to abuse drugs or alcohol despite being aware of significant physical and psychological consequences
• Demonstrate negative behaviors triggered by substance abuse that interfere with their daily lives
• Continue to abuse drugs or alcohol despite previous attempts to quit

Residential Treatment Program for Adolescents & Teens in the Santa Cruz/San Jose, CA Area

Adolescent & Teen addiction treatmentagood-interior_camp_271-264x300 for the teen who:

•Cannot stop using alcohol or drugs without 24-hour supervision.
•Has continued to use chemicals despite knowing of significant negative health or social consequences.
•Demonstrates substance-induced adverse emotional behaviors that are significantly interfering with the activities of daily living.
•Continues to use drugs and alcohol despite previous attempts to quit.
•Cannot stop using drugs or drinking alcohol on their own, a residential drug rehab program provides the support necessary to begin a new life. 25 wooded acres make The Meadow Lodge at The Camp a unique and beautiful setting in Northern California to re-learn how to cope with life’s stresses without drugs or alcohol.
Our residential program, dedicated specifically to teens and adolescents, offers the chance to find and practice new skills, enhance self-esteem and to learn to make responsible decisions. Both Detox and a state certified school provide additional support to the residential program offers the chance to find and practice new skills, enhance self-esteem and to learn to make responsible decisions. Both Detox and a state certified school provide additional support to recovery.
A structured daily schedule includes a variety of recovery-oriented activities, which may include counseling, group therapy, relapse prevention, education, 12-step meetings, art therapy, and recreational activities including swimming, volleyball, and basketball.
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