Our Philosophy

triumphant-in-forest-istockAt The Camp, we live by the motto “recovery means life,” meaning that through successful recovery, individuals who participate in our program can not only regain their lives, but also learn how to truly appreciate and enjoy them on a regular basis. In order to help bring about this type of lifestyle change, we incorporate numerous different forms of treatment into our program that help achieve this program-wide philosophy, including:

• Holistic care – We approach the treatment of substance abuse with respect and compassion, and maintain a strong emphasis on each client’s physical, mental, emotional, and overall spiritual health.
• The Ongoing Recovery Support Network – We utilize the Ongoing Recovery Support Network philosophy in everything we do at The Camp, meaning we incorporate it into clients treatment process until they feel comfortable enough to include it into their newly sober lifestyle. We offer options to network with 12-Step, Smart Recovery, Life Ring and Referrals to Clinicians.
• Family Involvement – We believe that family plays a pivotal role in successful recovery, therefore we offer three-day intensive family weekends that provide education on addiction for both families and clients in recovery.
• Continued Care – By providing additional aftercare services, we can help clients expand their knowledge and experience on how to prevent relapse, as well as develop stronger coping skills to maintain sobriety.
• Behavioral Therapies – We understand that addiction impacts a clients mental state, which is why we encourage participation in behavioral therapies that will help them to recognize triggers, avoid using and learn how to properly cope going forward.

We look at the entire treatment process as being a holistic experience packed with new ways of living that support continued sobriety. Through the Ongoing Recovery Support Network, family involvement, continued care, and behavioral therapies, our clients have been able to incorporate our philosophy into their everyday lives.

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