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Tiffiny Newport

Nursing Director

Tiffiny has been with Camp since 2008 and currently oversees the nursing department staff. As Director of Nursing for The Camp, Tiffiny has been instrumental in overseeing the transition of the nursing team’s detoxification protocols and has implemented standard safety practices in her department in particular with respect to procedures for assistance with patient self- administration of medications. She has also served as FT RN as well as PTN RN and PTN medical technician here at The Camp. Tiffiny is a licensed RN and holds a certification in addiction recovery nursing. Prior to working FT at the Camp, Tiffiny worked as a detox RN at the Beacon House in Pacific Grove, CA and prior to that worked as a K1 aide at Pacific Elementary School in Davenport, CA. Tiffiny has a BA in Business and is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Business with emphasis on Healthcare Management.

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I had been in rehab before, but I never experienced treatment like how The Camp does treatment. Their programs are amazing and so many people changed their lives while I was in treatment there. It felt so good to be a part of a community of recovery. I'd recommend the Camp to everyone.

– Vivian M.