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Ron Sager, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Sager started his academia at UCLA completing a Bachelors in Science and Biology.  He graduated Medical School at University of California, Davis and subsequently completed Psychiatric Residency training and a Post-Residency Fellowship in Late Adolescent Psychiatry at Yale University.  Dr. Sager worked at the Yale Department of Mental Hygiene (Yale’s Undergraduate and Graduate mental health center.

Upon returning to his native California, Dr. Sager began his post graduate work in inpatient psychiatry, hospital consult-liaison psychiatry, primary mental health and dual-diagnosis residential/partial hospital psychiatry.   During this time, he was the Director of the Dept. of Psychology and Psychiatry for Dominican Hospital.   After a decade of working with primarily acute inpatient and residential psychiatric treatment, Dr. Sager moved into a neuropsychiatric and therapy practice specializing on the brief and long-term treatment of individual patients.  Dr. Sager specialized in particular on Anxiety Dsiorders and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders.

Developing over this time, it became clear to Dr Sager the difficulty in people suffering from mental health concerns and substance use in a private practice setting alone.  “It is my conviction that without a place of sober support where the person can stop using, let the “dust settle” and have a place to begin again, the obstacles to sustained sobriety and finding a path to a life of happiness and productivity are too often insurmountable.”

Dr. Sager joined The Camp Recovery Center in 2015.  He enjoys and sees his role here at “The Camp” as making sure all clients are transitioned safely to sobriety and all participating mental health needs are clarified and incorporated into their recovery.  “There is a power in bringing all the pillars of emotional, physical and spiritual health to help a person restore themselves to themselves.”

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