Scotts Valley Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program

At The Camp Recovery Center, we recognize that treatment does not end with the completion of a residential program. The foundation for success is enhanced through the offering of a full continuum of care. As part of this continuum of care, The Camp Recovery Center provides intensive outpatient programming for adults, aged 18 and older, who can benefit from receiving further support and structure in early recovery. These services are offered in two locations, one of which is on our main campus in Scotts Valley. In this program, recovery skills can be solidified and patients can build upon the foundation needed for lasting success. Other patients may benefit from participation in our intensive outpatient program (IOP) as an initial step to recovery. For these patients, the intense nature of residential treatment may not be required, yet a structured setting that provides comprehensive therapeutic services and compassionate support can be the starting point for recovery to begin.

The typical length of stay in our Scotts Valley IOP at The Camp is 12 weeks, yet the actual length of time that an individual spends in programming can vary based on his or her specific needs. Throughout one’s time in IOP, the following therapeutic interventions are made available to him or her:

Individual therapy occurs once every two weeks where patients meet in a one-to-one setting with their therapists or case managers in order to process through the experiences they are having while participating in the program.

Group therapy is the main component of treatment in our Scotts Valley IOP. Groups meet for three hours per day, four days per week. While the topics that are covered during these sessions will vary, they will all predominantly pertain to issues relating to maintaining sobriety. Such topics may include the following:

  • Managing post-acute withdrawal
  • Relapse prevention
  • Understanding relapse
  • Phases and warning signs of relapse
  • Stages of the disease of addiction
  • Effects of drugs on the body and brain
  • Stress management
  • Changes in self-talk, developing positive affirmations
  • Methods for dealing with anger, both old and new
  • Dealing with family, society, and friends
  • Boundaries and communication

Whether an intensive outpatient addiction treatment program is used as a step-down from a residential level of care or as a starting point for the treatment process, men and women can benefit from the all-encompassing care continuum that is offered through IOP. By taking part in this program, individuals can develop and build upon recovery skills, generate a strong support system, and learn how to return to a life that is free from the compulsion to use drugs and/or alcohol.

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