Continuing Care Program, Serving Santa Cruz & San Jose, CA

Adolescent Aftercare Program

At The Camp’s Meadow Lodge, we understand that adolescents often require additional care once their initial stay at rehab is completed, which is why we proudly offer an aftercare program to meet their extended care needs.

Our adolescent aftercare program helps teens truly embrace sober living in ways that keep them from relapsing on drugs and/or alcohol in the future. The team at The Camp’s Meadow Lodge will work side-by-side with adolescents and their families to ensure that an effective aftercare plan is in place prior to their transition. This plan often includes a structured day or evening outpatient program, a sober living environment and specific plans for participating in aftercare groups and a Recovery Support Network, which may include 12-Step, Smart Recovery, Life Ring meetings in their community, along with Clinician Referrals.

As we remain dedicated to seeing recovered adolescents stay sober for the long-term, we are determined to help provide only the best options for treatment during their time spent in aftercare.

Aftercare Program for Adults

Addiction is a chronic disease, and success in recovery is an ongoing process. While treatment at our rehab center is designed to help you build a strong foundation for recovery, aftercare, or continuing care, is essential to maintain and continue your progress.

The support you will receive at The Camp continues even after formal treatment ends. We have an active alumni group and provide each patient with a unique continuing care plan that serves as a guide to staying clean and sober using the skills developed during drug rehab. Depending on your individual needs, our treatment team may recommend a structured day or evening outpatient program (located convenient to the San Jose & Santa Cruz areas), a sober living environment, or a specific plan for participating in alumni aftercare groups and 12-Step meetings in the community.

Alumni Program
Individuals in early recovery need a strong support system. Often, other people in recovery who have walked in your shoes and understand the challenges of sobriety can offer the most reassurance and encouragement.

Our Alumni Association supports graduates of The Camp through retreats and recreational activities that are scheduled throughout the year. The relationships our alumni form by sharing stories and enjoying sober activities are some of the greatest blessings that occur in recovery.

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