Adolescent Family Therapy

At The Camp’s Meadow Lodge, we make it a point to keep families and adolescents connected in ways that will support both the recovery of the adolescent and the growth of the family as they begin learning how to encourage their loved one’s continued sobriety. To do this, we offer a three-day long family workshop every other weekend from Friday to Sunday. Each day is filled with exercises that will help the overall family dynamic. At the time of admissions, our staff works to complete a family assessment, utilize family counseling as needed, and share continuing care plans with appropriate family members. This three-day long program helps expand upon the process that was started during the admissions process. The program generally goes as follows:


Families work with therapists and the Meadow Lodge’s clinical team to achieve understanding of addiction in the following ways:
• Getting educated on the facts about addiction to dispel any myths or negative stigmas
• Working with the clinical team to learn how addiction impacts the physical and psychological functioning of an adolescent’s brain
• Learning how to spot the differences between codependent behavior and healthy displays of love
• Listening to speakers who emphasize that understanding addiction is the first step in changing the way families view their addicted loved one


On day two, families partner with certified drug and alcohol counselors who prepare them for what to expect during their teen’s stay at The Camp’s Meadow Lodge. To help develop this understanding, parents are encouraged to participate in the following:
• Embracing the disease concept of addiction
• Learning how to allow the adolescent to assume responsibility for their own recovery
• Learning how to access information and resources for aftercare support
• Adopting strategies for setting boundaries and supporting recovery
• Practicing and mastering effective communication skills
• Discovering how to tap into powerful support groups to allow for everyone’s healing


The last day of the family program is spent together with other families and recovering adolescents to achieve the following:
• Healthy communication skills in a supervised setting
• Sharing stories with other families to establish connections and support
• Participating in single-family counseling sessions after group meetings
• Inclusion in seasonal activities at the Meadow Lodge such as swimming, basketball, tennis and volleyball

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